Apr 10

Hello California our sweet home Town of Ink N Iron

We will be attending this year working with our crew at Your Cheating Heart. We will be working Friday the 6th with Johnny 2/3rds. Then we will be back Saturday the 7th not working, but hanging out with all of you beautiful people. So if you’d like an appointment please call/text me on our cell, 323-204-8801. Please stop by our both and show us some love! See you all soon. For more information please visit their website at http://ink-n-iron.com/

Thanks and hope to see you all soon

Apr 03

Seattle We Are Coming Your Way This May!

That is correct, we will be in Seattle this May. We are excited to be guest spotting at our friends shop Hidden Hands. We will  see you all soon can’t wait to see all of your lovely faces and meet some new ones!


Mar 09

Silhouette’s hand painted Flash Sheet

tflashIf you’d like a tattoo by Silhouette Sanchez please call/text me at (323) 204-8801 and ill set you up with an appointment. Come on guys offer up your’ skin good talent runs in the blood… we want flesh ;]

Mar 09

Hand painted originals and Custom made frames By Silhouette Sanchez

 tikah paintings1

Silhouette has been working hard, we are very proud of her and how she has grown in her artistic abilities. The paintings above are just some of her hand painted originals. She is selling them for $25.00. Let me know if your interested, more to come!







Feb 07

Getting ready for The Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention MARCH 14, 15 & 16, 2014

We are happy to announce we will be at The Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention MARCH 14, 15 & 16, 2014. We are  getting ready for the show and are taking appointments. Please call/text me at (323) 204-8801 or shoot me an e-mail at mrdavesanchez@yahoo.com to make an appointment with us. We are excited and looking forward to seeing you all out in good ol’ SLC. For more information on SLC please visit this link http://www.slctattoo.com/

slccslc0tat tat1 tat2 tat3 tat4 tat5 tat6 tatt tatt1 tatt2 tatt3ta ta1 ta2ta11ta12ta13

Jan 25

Hand Painted Valentines Cards

The Sanchez family is getting ready for Valentines Day! Come get your hand painted card for a loved one. All cards are $10.00


Jan 09

Dave Sanchez in Boston, February

Dave and I will be in Boston this February 18th to the 24th. He will be guest spotting at his good friend Ben Mac’s shop Crown of Thorns Tattoo. If you like to book an appointment with Dave please call me at 323-204-8801

Thanks so much guys and can’t wait to see you!

abc slcccmiketrickyguitarfenway

Hi everyone!! Boston was snowing and very cold, but filled with lots of warm hearts. I met a lot of great people with Dave. Thanks everyone for being so warm and welcoming! Dave did some really great tattoos! We got to do a little sight seeing at good ol’ Fenway Pa”’k! We had such a good time we are talking about coming back in September…. sooo stay tuned for the updates. ;]

Dec 05

Silhouette Nishtikah Sanchez has done her first tattoo!

Silhouette Sanchez has been in her apprenticeship by her father’s side “Dave Sanchez” for three months now. Shes has recently done her first tattoo on her father this Sunday. We are very proud of how far she has come in so little time. Keep up the great work Silhouette, you have one of the best teachers. Thanks everyone for all your support! Happy Holidays

. IMG_20131202_011243_122

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Oct 26

Tonight Come Down and Check it Out

I know its last minute but gotta show some love! Dave has some great original paintings for sale.


We sold ”Virgin Rose” and “Masquerade” both originals. We were thankful to meet one of the buyers in person, they are such a lovely family. Thanks for coming out and giving us the pleasure of meeting you guys.

Oct 26

Hello Richmond we are coming your way!

richmond2013jack1385317963651 1385318044773We are excited to be heading out your way very soon! If you’d like to contact us for an appointment or questions feel free to shoot me an email at mrdavesanchez@yahoo.com or text/call me 323-204-8801 See you soon!

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